in seach of…vegan chocolate croissant

I saw it! I saw it! I swear it was there! It appeared and I grabbed my camera as fast as I could, and I’m afraid this blurry photo is my only evidence of the elusive—nay, legendary—vegan chocolate croissant. Doubt me if you must. I probably wouldn’t believe me if I were you. If I hadn’t seen it with my own…

All right, I’m done playing. I sure was mighty excited when it happened, though. One morning Back to Eden posted on Facebook that they had vegan chocolate croissants. Not normally a huge commenter, I jumped to action: “Hold on to two! I’m getting dressed now!” Pajamas went flying and Tom and I jumped in the car and made our way through the autumn rain to pick up what I kinda see as the Holy Grail of vegan baking. And yes, I was totally called out as the Facebook girl when I got there.

Get over the fact that there’s next to no chocolate in it—I was upset for about five seconds. This croissant is in no way inferior to its dairy-laden cousin (the last nonvegan thing I ate, lo those five or so years ago, so that should tell you something). It was crisp and flaky and moist and rich and de-friggin’-lightful.

I so wish I could make this myself, but I’m also OK waiting for the bakery to surprise me with them every once in a while. That way it’s a special treat and I don’t get spoiled. That’s a lie. I would eat this every morning if I could. Maybe I could work out a deal to buy a bunch and freeze them…

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