halloween is coming!


So what if it’s still two weeks away? We felt like jack-o-laterning, and we’re grown-ups, and one of the beauty parts of being grown-ups is that we can jack-o-lantern whenever we damn well feel like it.

While Tom was expressing himself with knives, I was cleaning and roasting pumpkin seeds. I expected way more—I guess it’s been a while. I just tossed these in next-to-no olive oil and Penzeys spicy seasoned salt. Round about 25 minutes at 350º is all it took. So good.

I wish I had more energy for Halloween fun. Wing-It Vegan is rockin’ the hell out of some Halloweegan treats. Her latest is the cutest little dead guy in a mocha coffin cake.

We don’t have kids or live near kids, but I know some of you do. Think about how much fun trick-or-treating was on Halloween (and the careful sorting and counting once you got home…or was that just me?). Shouldn’t vegan kids be able to have some fun? No Trick Treats is one of those fantastic ideas you can’t believe somebody actually went through with. It’s a map of where you can find safe treats for a whole slew of dietary restrictions. Whether it’s vegan, gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, organic, nonfood, raw, sugar-free, or fruits-n-veg, if you’re giving away these special treats, get yourself on the map!

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