vida vegan con is go!

I’ve mentioned little mentions here and there, but here’s the big announcement: Vida Vegan Con is open for registration!

What’s Vida Vegan Con? Only the first vegan blogger conference. We’ve already got some amazing speakers lined up (check them out here), and we hope to have the schedule pretty and polished before too long. We’re planning a few class periods a day, with a few options for each period, so everyone can plan their days with what they’re interested in. Commercial over.

Janessa of Epicurious Vegan came up with the idea and partnered with Jess of Get Sconed! and lucky for little ol’ me they decided they needed a third mind. And we’re pleased as peas that Liz Miller is our Einstein of Design. This is one of the coolest projects I’ve worked on. We’re a little stressed and well exhausted, but our excitement is carrying us through.

When I first got on board I researched a bunch of blogger conferences and got a little scared. Most of them are really skeevy. It’s very “Come here and learn to make money.” People get sponsored by companies to attend, which means that company is buying edit. There’s a gross feel to this type of networking, and I want no part of that. We’re being very careful to avoid these pitfalls. We’re designing the conference we’d want to attend. We looked to not just the big names but bloggers we believe in, people with a great voice and talents we can all learn from. Our lunches won’t be sad lettuce-n-tomato “sandwiches,” and our attendee tote bag won’t have logo keychains and sunvisors—because we wouldn’t want that and we can’t imagine you would either.

Selfishly, we want to meet everyone we read. Blogs tend to be pretty personal, so even if you don’t engage one another in the comments section, you’re forming odd little mutually voyeuristic relationships. I think that’s important, that we are bloggers. We’re not a businessguy who saw vegans as a market to exploit. We’re just a trio of competent chicks who wanted a conference so we’re making one. If we didn’t do it, someone else would. Probably a businessguy.

The Early Bird rate is $180 for the weekend. Just before opening registration, we brought the price down because some serious, valid questions were raised about accessibility. After talking through our anxieties we agreed that we want as many people as possible to be able to share this with us, so rather than skimping, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that our sponsors come through (ones you’d approve of, not the Pork Board!).

If that still sounds like a lot, check out the site for scholarship info and thrifty—yeah, I said thrifty—lodging options. Most of your meals are covered, and transportation is crazy cheap here. The MAX will get you from the airport or train/bus station to the hotel for about $2. No thanks, $30 cab ride.

Sorry, I think I slipped into commercial mode again. I’m just really excited about how things are shaping up. This should be a very useful and fun, fun, fun weekend, and whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just blog-curious, I hope to see you there.

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