i’m spicy like that

So two vegan bloggers are walking down the sidewalk in the Pearl. One grabs the other’s shoulder, halting her, not even able to speak. What could have so excited her? No, not the Little Big Burger—it’s a new, not-way-the-hell-out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere Penzey’s! I used to have to drive way, way, far away to the suburbs for this, but now…yeah, that’s a streetcar track in front of the store.

I’ve talked to y’all about Penzey’s before. Great spices at amazing prices. Every once in a while I’ll buy a bottle of something new, but usually I go bulk and am always blown away at the savings. With some of the bulk bags I put together this little number:

It’s the shallot-pepper blend (salt, pepper, shallots, tarragon & bay leaves), dried chives, onion powder, and parsley, all whizzed up to a velvety powder in the food ninja. I sort of modeled it after The Spice House’s Lake Shore Drive blend, and it’s great on pasta, potatoes, bagels-n-Tofutti, and plain ol’ bread-n-butter (EB). I’m not about to give you measurements. You know how you like it. I keep some at the ready in a little shaker on the spice rack, but it’s nice to know I have this (recycled TJ’s pear) jar as backup.

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