garlic spears!

Haven’t tried garlic spears yet? Ha! I thought I was the last one, but I guess it’s you, you big loser.

I saw them at the store and without knowing anything about them I had to have them. “Garlic” was all I needed. When I got home I checked online, and apparently, everyone blogged about them last year. They all said the same stuff, and so will I:

• The flower of the elephant garlic plant
• A cross between asparagus and garlic
• Spicy when raw, mild when cooked

So I went two ways with it. First I cut off a couple inches of stem on each of them, slicing them up super thin and adding them to my mashed red potatoes. Success! They retained the bite, which is not as strong as raw garlic, and added a bit of crunch.

Then I tossed the rest in a bit of olive oil and threw them on a hot, hot griddle for just a few minutes, turning once. Warning: They spit! Had to don the apron for this one. But another success! The stems do have a bit of an asparagus feel, and the flower tops, because they’re bigger, don’t cook as thoroughly so they hold more of the original spicy bite.  

(To round out my rather American-looking dinner of green veg and potatoes is baked B-B-Q tempeh, recipe here.) Start to finish, this took maybe a half hour. Pretty dern healthy, incredibly satisfying, and tasty to boot.

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