thanks, juiceman


Watermelon juice. So pretty…and surprisingly good for you. Watermelon is a delicious summertime source of potassium and Vitamins A, B6, and C. Also, most of the fiber makes its way through the juicer—I was left with but a handful of pulp. I don’t know what you could use it for; unlike apple pulp it wouldn’t really make for a great cake.

Ever bought watermelon juice before? How much did you pay for it? Yeah, I thought so. I’ve done it too. But for about $4 I made 86 ounces, thanks to my Juiceman. I got it as a wedding gift and sure, it’s spent a year here and there sitting in the cabinet, but when I pull it out…magic!

I’m determined to keep it at the front of the appliance cabinet so I remember to stock up on goodies at the farmers market over the next several months. Really. No, this time I’m serious. This year it’s Michele’s Summer of Juice.

(And yes, I’m well aware of the fact that summer doesn’t start for a month—I need a running start.)

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