xanadu or bust

I am a child of the 70s. If nothing else, that means I wish I could wear roller skates all the time. Sadly, I left my skates behind when we moved from New York—five years ago. Enough is enough, I want new skates!

But if you thought nonleather shoes were tough to find, try skates. There’s a good handful out there, but I’m no pro. I’m not spending $400 on no wheelie shoes. The idea of spending $100 on these Riedell R3s hurts, but I fear the bullet must be bit. (Or I can hope Mom checks out my Amazon wishlist in a particularly generous mood.)

And no, these aren’t the retro boot style that beg for pom-poms on the toes, but until I start designing and manufacturing vegan skates, I gotta take what I can get. And the reviews are pretty damn good so I’ve got high hopes. I just broke out in a sweet little grin imagining myself gliding through Portland with the wind in my pigtails and KC and the Sunshine Band in my heart.

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