In preparation for the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (ours benefiting Try Vegan PDX/Vegan Iron Chef), I’ve been messin’ about with tasty experiments. Along with the cinnamon sugar cookies I wanted to take poppy seed cake, but you can’t easily sell slices, what with the poppy seed filling squishing out. What to do? Here’s what I did.

Experiment #1: Dumplings. I wrapped dollops of filling in dough and stuck them in a greased mini muffin tin. Sure, they’re super cute, like tiny muffins, but unfortunately, just not enough filling for the dough and any more would just end up an oozy blob. This led me to…



Experiment #2: Double-decker dumplings. In a regular muffin tin I squashed the dumplings and added another dollop of filling. They spread out a little and the ratio works. It’s a very close runner-up to…

Experiment #3: Cinnamon-rollific. The winner. After rolling out the dough and spreading the filling, I rolled it up and cut into 1½-inch pieces, placing them in a regular muffin tin. I think this works best for a bake sale because the filling isn’t all oozy but you can see what you’re dealing with.

So yeah, kinda nice to have two successes from my two experiments. Let’s see what else I can put together before next week.

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