vegan iron chef!

Tickets have been on sale for like minutes now, so why haven’t you gotten yours yet? Don’t live in Portland and really can’t afford to visit right now? OK, you get a pass. Everyone else, listen up, then get thee to the Try Vegan PDX site, where you can find more info and buy your ticket. (UPDATE: Oh, I guess you did. We sold out in 5 days!)

This is the first year we’re doing this, and it’s already clear next year will be even bigger. Things are really coming together: contestants, judges, sassy hostesses, DJs, raffle prizes, exhibitors, and it’s all in NW, at 9th & Irving.

One lucky audience member (if you buy your ticket online—now, now, now) will be chosen as a layman judge. A couple of points here:
• If you are under 18, be honest—for liability reasons we cannot have an underage judge.
• If you do not want to be a judge, for public anxiety or food allergy reasons, let us know.
• If you are buying multiple tickets, be sure to enter your companions’ names.

So go now go do it now go now go.

Oh, wait! We still need volunteers, so let me know if you’re interested—just email me at And if you’re a vegan company, crafter, whatever, and want to buy an ad in the program or donate stuff for raffle prizes, also let me know.

And check out the official event page on Facebook.

*and an update!

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