raisin bread

Late last week a friend posted on Facebook that she’d made French toast with homemade raisin bread. Holy crap, that sounded awesome. I got her recipe and it was waaaay easy to veganize, so off to the store to pick up some soymilk powder and raisins. I threw it all in the bread machine and a few hours later, amazin’ blazin’ raisin bread. I only had time and energy this weekend for toast (the photo was of course taken before the EB smothering), but methinks next weekend I’ll be chowin’ down on some Vegan with a Vengeance fronch toast.

The recipe (I used the “sweet” setting on my bread machine):
•1¼ c water   
•1/8 c sugar (damn you, WordPress, for not having more formatted fractions!)
•1½ t salt
•1½ T Earth Balance
•1½ T soymilk powder
•1 T cinnamon (make it a good one; I use Penzey’s)
•1 c raisins
•3 c bread flour
•1 t yeast

And what’s that wood and plastic thing in the photo? Why, it’s the way handy bread slicing guide I ordered through Amazon. It takes a little practice, but once you figure it out making your own bread makes a whole lot more sense—what good is a homemade loaf of sandwhich bread if you end up with uneven, too-thick slices? Nobody needs that mess.

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