peanut butter and chocolate and banana, yeah yeah

An after-school snack that you can eat even if you haven’t been to school in a long, long time. This is Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams on a perfectly ripe, just-out-of-the-fridge banana. Out of the fridge? Yup. I plan ahead for my banana treats and chill them for a few hours. Too long and they get gross, not long enough and they are creepy and also gross. Oh, feel free to eat your fruit however you please, but I need mine crisp and cool. You can’t see it in the photo, but i carve out a little trench/cargo bay to maximize my peanut butter delivery system.

Peanut Butter & Co has held a place in my heart since I lived in New York. Working downtown, the Village restaurant was an easy lunch destination. They did this sampler platter with five or six peanut butters, celery, carrot sticks, melba toast, and apple slices. I never did finish it in one sitting, and it was always met with jealousy by others, “Doh, I shoulda ordered that,” as they drank their tummyache-inducing milkshakes. I always made sure to pick up an extra jar or two for home. Well, now with their plastic jars, they’re shipping them all over the place, so if they’re not at your local Whole Foods, you can order them online. Dooo eeet.

Banana-related, sort of, is this rather confusing image. My friend pointed this out to me while we were shopping at the craft store. We couldn’t figure it out. Is it a fun toy, where kids can pretend they just captured an ape in the wild and are carting it to the circus or zoo or research lab? Is it only one installment in a monthly program, like those multivolume library things we used to get in grocery stores in the late 70s, so kids can collect a long train of animals behind bars? Just confusing. Well, sad and confusing.

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