happy new year

A couple of days is not a week, so I’m already doing better than X-mas. Not ones for big parties, Tom and I had some friends over to watch the calendar change on the ol’ laptop. Luckily, even if we lost track of time, the locals and their amateur fireworks would have clued us in. See? Here’s our backyard:

Yes, it was a foggy, rainy night, but at least there was no snow. Besides, it was lovely indoors. And what goodies did I whip up, you ask? An old favorite and a new twist on an old one.

I just don’t think you can ever go wrong with sushi. Lots of options to meet the unexpected tastes of your guests. Some sun-dried tomato; some avocado only; some carrot, cucumber, scallion, and avocado; some sans avocado…with Bragg’s, soy sauce, and wasabi. I picked up this big stacked bento box of sorts a few years back in some Chinatown or another, and I use it more than I ever thought I could. It’s not airtight but it’s fine for a day in the fridge.

And teeny, tiny pizzas! These are each about 3 inches wide and I fit eight of them on my pizza stone, two per person. I made the crusts, chopped up some vegetables, and mixed the bases (marinara and pesto) ahead of time, then my friend and I threw them together and popped them in the oven for 10 minutes. They were great. I suppose for a bigger crowd cookie sheets would have worked—but nothing beats a pizza stone. 

We didn’t even touch the hummus or salsa.

Tom and I consider ourselves lucky for being able to tread the waters of 2009, but we’re ready to make some sort of advancement this year. Maybe I’ll even find a fulltime gig with insurance and stuff, like a real grown-up. To those of you who have also been trying to keep up, and maybe not having an easy go of it—hell, even if you had an amazing ’09—have a good one this year. Hug more people than you punch. Engender more laughter than tears.

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