the girl with two red shoes

I finally got new shoes…and I like ’em! After years of buying ill-fitting men’s shoes because they were the only ones I could stomach, I found these Ultimate 81 Vegans on Onlineshoes. Yes, they are red, white, and blue. And yes, it took a few days to build up the courage to go outside with them on, but I super love them now.

I’ve wanted the Onitsuka Tigers forever, especially after seeing the yellow-haired warrior kick serious ass in them in Kill Bill. They look so comfortable—and they are. They hug your feet (and make you want to kick stuff, but that could just be me). Whenever I went into a store, nobody could tell me if any were completely synthetic. Even online it’s confusing. If you’ve ever been on Zappos, you’ve probably noticed the inconsistency searching for “vegan” and clicking “vegan” as an option…and then there’s “vegetarian.” So when I saw these had “vegan” in the name, they were mine.

I still don’t know why it’s so friggin’ hard to find comfortable, cool-looking (I know mine are debatable) vegan sneakers. The cheese wars are so intense, why not the shoe war?

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