so veggiething’s dead

After being handed off from content editor to content editor, then not hearing anything until sending an e-mail for a heads-up, I’ve learned today that VeggieThing is dead. Don’t worry, though. Citysearch is more than happy to keep all that content we gave them.

So in the spirit of burning bridges, I say suck it, Citysearch.

UPDATE: That was last night. Just a gut reaction. I’m annoyed, but I think for good reason. We got a thank-you good-bye, but no apology. We all spent a lot of time and money dining out, photographing, and writing about our favorites. We spread the word and made suggestions about how the site could have been improved. We did it because it was fun, something we were intrested in and wanted to support. It could have been really cool if people knew about it. I feel it was a wasted opportunity, but when you’re dealing with a corporate structure, this type of result is to be expected. 

All right, I feel I’ve better explained myself.

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