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I know, whenever I break from vegan food, clothing, sundries, and issues, it’s like I’m always harping on about cancer. Sorry, I just really don’t care for the stuff. It’s one of the 80 reasons I went vegan, and it sucks that for many of us cancer seems a when, not an if.

Well, right now I have a good friend going through treatment and, being an independent businessguy, he could not afford to insure himself. So we’ve started a benefit site and whatnot for him. We’re arts-n-crafting to raise money—you don’t have to give a crap about Jim or his wonky body or even cancer (whatever, jerk)—if you like any of the stuff, then buy it for what it is—every penny goes to keeping him from seeing collections letters until he’s all fixed up. And if you’d like to donate a crafty bit (do you make soap or candles or magnets using vintage magazine ads?), let me know; if you’re in the Portland area, I’ll come pick it up so you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Here’s what we’ve got available right now (people swear they’re busy crafting away, so new stuff should keep coming in):

This totally handmade (by me) tote features a little birdy singing along with her favorite Scorpions record. The handle (big enough to go over a shoulder) is 2-ply sturdy fabric ribbon. $30 SOLD.

Here are a couple of cross-stitch projects I’ve done. I sold these two already, but I can make more in a matter of days. $15.

mike b piecetom t piece
And from some folks with more talent than myself are a couple of art pieces. The one on the left (11.5×21.5) is $80 and the one on the right (14.5×14) is $65 SOLD.

nicky tshirt
A friend had a friend who had t-shirt connex (see, everybody working together!), so these t-shirts were made for the cheap. They’re Hanes and there are five color combos. Check them out here. $20.

Finally, if you’re in Chicago, Reggie’s is hosting a Nuts to Cancer benefit show next Friday, 11/13. Everyone is donating everything, so this should be a big help (maybe pay for a whole day of chemo). Brian Kelly, American Draft, Rollo Tomasi, Blake Zweig, and Buttz to Nuttz will be playing. Tom and I will be flying out and I’ll be bringing vegan cupcakes decorated in a testicular theme (haven’t figured this out yet—that’s my weekend project).

Honestly, you’d be amazed at how great this is working. Jim is completely humbled by it; we keep hearing “ridiculous” from him. If you’ve got someone in your life going through this sucky a situation, let social networking use its power for good. This whole experience has left me maybe a little less cynical about the good people can do. And that’s saying a lot.

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