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rice krispies treats

Look, Mom, just like normal kids! I just whipped me up a batch of Rice Krispies treats using Dandies vegan marshmallows. At first, I’d resigned myself to a tiny, relatively expensive treat, seeing as my $5+ bag o’ Dandies was about half the size of nonvegan marshmallows, but then I noticed the weight on the package. It’s 10 ounces, just like the big nonvegan bag, so I followed the traditional recipe, using a full 6 cups of cereal, and it worked perfectly.

This beat the hell out of my last attempt, with that ricemallow stuff and some kind of healthy crisped rice lookalike. A sad, stale-tasting brick, that was. Today’s treats were spot on, not soggy or crunchy.

If—I mean when—you try this, remember to use low heat. The density causes the Dandies to melt very slowly, but they will melt. Just keep stirring and it’ll get all uniformly gooey.

And is it just me or does a good third of your crispy-mallowy mixture miss the pan entirely and end up in your mouth instead? Come on, I know I’m not the only Snackie Onassis out there.

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