it’s new to me: kugel (finally)


I may have set myself up for failure, but I made it through one forkful and just couldn’t go on.

No surprise here. When I saw the recipe on Diet, Desert and Dogs, I knew it was a longshot, but one worth shooting. If it was a hit, awesome—anything that comes with guaranteed leftovers scores some serious points in my book. But there were silken tofu and very cooked vegetables involved, and you know my texture issues…well, just look at the pre-cooked version.

kugel precook

Sure, lots of things look gross when you’re making them. Like carrot cake; carrot cake batter is super gross-looking but the baked product is friggin’ delightful. So even as I spread this stuff into the pan, trying to ignore the squishy, squeaky sounds it made, I had hope for the future.

Then, once it was done, I looked at it at least once a day for a few days, unable to bring myself to take a bite. Last night, however, Tom said “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve eaten a bunch of that kugel.” Huh. He said it wasn’t gross at all, just that the dill caught him off-guard, since the rest of it was so Thanksgiving-stuffing-y. He expected rosemary and sage. So he used a bunch of sauces—to further confuse the flavor, I guess.

So today was the day. I cut a piece (the one you see up there), grabbed a fork, and steeled myself. And it felt wet, like if you spilled water on cake…or dunked a doughnut in coffee. Ga-ross. Well, Tom can finish it.

It’s not easy being me.

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