bliss bars!

I pinky-promise I will try a piece of the kugel tomorrow and tell you all about it—Tom’s had some and he says I can do it. It’s just really scary-looking. I’ve never eaten a casserole of any sort, and that sure looks like a casserole to me.

But you know what I did eat today? A Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate Bar. Best 10 grams of fat ever? If you’re not in my neighborhood, you might want to head to a Whole Foods to find Coconut Bliss; when I talked to them at VegFest, they said Whole Foods picked them up nationally. Silky, creamy, and clean-tasting, it’s the best coconut-milk-based frozen treat I’ve tried.

Sorry this is so short, boys and girls. My crazy weekend has spilled over to today. Tomorrow I’m back in the saddle no matter what. If life even thinks of givin’ me the business I’m gonna give it right back.

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