it’s new to me: calzone


It’s like caged pizza, cute in a sad way. Or sad in a cute way.

This sorta falls into the pot pie category; it’s vegetables cooked in bread. Okay, so it’s made out of pizza dough and it’s got air holes and there’s no gravy. Yet I’ve never in all my pizza-eating days tried one of these. The idea of a sauce-n-cheese one is still creepy, but I may try it now that I’ve found Daiya.

What you’re looking at here is a make-your-own calzone from Hammy’s, which I’ve written about before. The vegan kind nugs (breaded seitan), after a second try, are less than stellar, and the pizza, while trustworthy, can be mundane, but I enjoyed the hell out of this novelty item. I’ve got a garlic-oil base and spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives, roasted garlic (whole cloves!), and mushrooms. Tom went pretty much the same way with his but swapped out the mushrooms for jalapenos and the spinach for red bell peppers. Oh, and we remembered to say “no cheese” this time. I thought for sure we’d have leftovers, but we were both so ravenous that we munched ’em down ’til there was not a crumb.

So today I’m going to try another new one: kugel. I meant to do that yesterday but after not sleeping for two nights I didn’t trust myself with anything more complicated than a phone call for dinner. You know how it goes.

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