close call for cluckphrey

cluckphrey sandwich

I give you a subpar photo of the sandwich that almost wasn’t (and my refrigerator with a bunch of stickers and some other crap taped to it).

Whatever could have stood between me and my fakey chicken sandwich? Only myself—and my failure to clean the toast crumbs from the floor of my toaster oven. My fakey chicken was cookin’ away and I was busy at the sink rinsing my lettuce when I heard a pop. It was a couple of big toast crumbs bursting into flames. Well, it wasn’t a crazy huge fire, easily shot out with a spray bottle (after unplugging the oven, of course). Didn’t even get the fakey chicken wet. That’s probably not how you’re supposed to deal with a fire of this sort, but whatever, it happened. Honestly, I was more afraid of setting off the smoke alarm than burning down the kitchen or even killing our dear, sweet toaster oven.

The fakey chicken is a new one for us, Food for Life’s Cluckphrey Patties. They’re pretty average, stringy and light-tasting, as you’d expect from a breaded soy-gluten patty. They’re baked, not fried, lower fat than some others, so make sure you follow it up with some pie or other such fatty treat.

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