it’s new to me: omelet

kale leek omelet
I’ve always hated eggs. Especially yolks; even in my baby book, my mother pointed out I wouldn’t eat yolks. Did I know they were little cholesterol bombs? And I’ve always hated mixing foods—or even having foods touch each other on my plate (I’m getting better about that)—so an omelet? Never had one. And I moved in with a guy allergic to eggs. Just wanted y’all to know what a grand experiment this one was.

We used the omelet recipe from Isa’s new brunch book. The reviews have been good, even from people who’d had vegan omelet failures in the past, so our confidence was boosted. The recipe was quick and easy, just whizzin’ everything together in the food ninja. The fact that Tom helped me make them may have kept any psychosomatic allergic reaction at bay—no itchy mouth, like when I’ve used hempseed in the place of tree nuts (he’s like the boy in the plastic bubble, I tell ya).

cheese pepper omelet

Mine (up top) has kale, leek, and scallion in it. Tom (that’s his right there) went with cheddar Daiya cheese, two types of peppers, and scallion. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t taste like eggs, but it serves the same purpose, it’s light and fluffy yet moist. We decided to think of it as a savory tofu pancake. The consistency was a little off-putting at first, but I got through it. I had some leftover batter, so the next morning I fried it up, scrambly style, and ate it with some toast. It went a little easier. So I think this is something we can work into regular rotation. Aside from <insert vegetables you’ve got in the fridge> and standard cupboard staples, all it takes is a tub of silken tofu.

So that’s two food phobias I’ve muscled my way through this Rocktober. I know last time I was urged to go with the pot pie, but I checked out a recipe and it was too, too scary. I can’t even eat soup, let alone thick gravy with way-cooked vegetables and seitan in it! Baby steps, folks, and the month is young.

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