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More Daiya love. Believe it.

I probably sound like one of those crazy Teese fanatics, gushing over the life-changing wonder that is a melty vegan cheese. Yes, I watched the Teese video, and yes, I ran out and bought it. And yes, I failed to be floored. But not this time! This time it’s real.

I tried the cheddar first and had the best grilled cheese I’ve had…ever, I guess, considering I hated grilled cheese growing up. But what’s cheese for if not pizza? Now, I was only able to get it in shreds at Food Fight! Grocery—I would have thinly sliced it for a prettier melt—but beggars can’t be choosers. I kept it simple on this pizza so I could just focus on the consistency and taste of the cheese (onions are like oxygen to me, so please excuse their presence). How’d it go?

Wow. I didn’t even have to add salt like I do with Follow Your Heart, my usual pizza cheese. And it had pull, a stretchiness I thought I left behind with casein-containing soy cheeses. Even cold leftovers just tasted and felt like pizza. Real pizza. This Chicago-bred girl finally felt like she didn’t have to be so defensive about being vegan, because my pizza’s just as good as everyone else’s. And I’ve been inspired to tackle the deep dish. I think this can do it. It might take me a while to figure out the crust (so many recipes online claiming to be the perfect Lou Malnati’s crust), but now I have a reason. My life has direction.

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