it’s new to me: sausage

sausage squash

I always hated sausage. The idea of animal odds-n-ends being squished together in some sort of casing made my stomach turn. Little mystery chunks made one by unknown forces? No thanks. Even as a kid I pulled the sausage off my pizza; at the sandwich shops (the kind you get Italian beef and sausage from) I opted for the gravy bread with hot oil. 

Today, handed a vegan sausage, I know those chunks aren’t assorted animal bits. They’re wheat and other grains and sun-dried tomato, but does it still creep me out? You betcha. But I’m trying. I’m trying to get over the stigmas of foods I hated in their non-vegan form. And I’m gonna do it here. In the spirit of VeganMoFo, I’m going to try one veganized food a week that I used to hate.

This one went well. It’s Tofurky sausages, cut up into little pieces and fried up on a griddle. And each piece took two bites, which I would then alternate with cornbread (from Veganomicon) and spaghetti squash (with a little bit of Earth Balance, garlic, red pepper, and kale). I don’t remember what sausage tastes like, so I can’t tell you if these are close, but they’re good. The consistency is very meaty, but I never worried about hitting anything hard or chewy. I could do it again.

So what’s next week? Potato salad? Pot pie? Oh, so many things I used to hate.

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