vegnanmofo 3

I’m in this year. Are you? Last year I’d only been doing this a handful of months and I had too much going on to sign on for a month of daily (weekdays) posts. But reading other people’s was great—pushing for daily content seems to bring out these great little nuggets that otherwise might not make it to the “publish” button. I fully expect you’ll be seeing my ode to the toaster oven before October’s out.

If you want to get in on this, Kittee, Cake Maker to the Stars is VeganMoFo HQ. She’s flexin’ her e-muscles to really get this out there, so let her know if you’re up for it. October 2 is the deadline for being added to the other <electronic voice> 315 <end electronic voice> bloggers MoFo-ing it up this year.

Intimidated? Yeah, I was too last year. But it can’t be that hard. And there’s a lot of support out there. The PPK forum has a thread for ideas—or check out one of your favorite blogs to see if they MoFo’d last year. It’s not supposed to be work; it’s something you love, right? So have fun with it. I intend to.

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