not my favorite kind of chaos

So Tom and I tried a new restaurant for lunch Monday. And we learned a valuable lesson: No new lunch spots on Monday. We went to Chaos Cafe on SW Powell. I’d read some positive reviews, and they have a space for live music and such, so good enough reason to give ’em a try, right?

Ugh. For $20-some (after tip), I was unsatisfied and Tom was disgusted. I was seriously trying to figure out how they came to price their food. Other places have organic produce and big portions, but the food is priced reasonably for what you get. My only guess is that they have a very large space, so maybe rent is high and they have to charge what they do.

Also, during lunch, you’re getting the rush of kids from the high school across the street. I’m not raggin’ on kids; I’m saying it got really busy and loud. And there was one little lady trying to wait tables and man the coffee counter. (Although when we walked in there were only two people there, and she made them lattes when they asked for Americanos, so can’t blame it all on the crowd.) Let’s take a look at the food.

chaos nachos
Tom got the veganized nachos. Which meant they didn’t put cheese on it and they used vegan sour cream (that milky liquid you can sorta see). And that avocado was $1.50 extra. Sure, it’s a big pile of food, but we’ll take quality over quantity every time.

chaos sunflower pate
I got the Moroccan. Since I hate hummus I went with sunflower pate, which was some sort of creamy base with chopped-up sunflower seeds. That in itself grossed me out a little, but it disappeared among the other stuff in the sandwich, spinach, carrot, onion, and cucumber, on rye toast with a side of blue tortilla chips. Not the worst sandwich in the world, but also not worth the money.

Wow. I think that might have been my first totally negative restaurant review. Way to go, Chaos.

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