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SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY, at the Oregon Convention Center, it’s VEGGGG FESSSST.

That was supposed to sound like one of those old monster truck commercials. Anyway, that’s this weekend, folks. Sample some foodstuffs, watch a cooking demo, listen to a speaker, ask some questions, buy a cool non-leather belt, try a new restaurant or two, or become a NW Veg member and help sponsor all that they do. (Last year for becoming a new member I walked away with a huge bag of samples in addition to my VegNews subscription and discount card—paid for itself instantly.)

Here’s a video somebody whipped up, listing special guests, vendors, and whatnot. The music’s pretty rough—you can throw on that silver bodysuit and angel wings* and pretend it’s the ’90s, I guess.

*For the record, I’ve never worn a silver bodysuit—a dress, sure, but it was ’70s vintage and super cool and my dad said I looked like a prostitute in it (which is why I referred to it as my lucky dress)—nor angel wings.

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