iodized, for your pleasure

I love salt. I was raised to love salt. If I ever have high blood pressure, I’ll probably lie about how much salt I eat, to avoid the finger-wagging. The thing is, I use sea salt and kosher salt, not that stuff hawked by that little girl with the umbrella. Not all salt is evil. (See My Vegan Transformation for her salt post, as she’s distilled more research than I care to.)

So from time to time, I worry about not getting iodine in my diet. I don’t get too much kelp on my plate, you know. And supplements are tricky because you need such low doses that it’s easy to overdo it. For a while I had iodized table salt that I’d use every once in a while, in bread or in my pasta water, just to sneak it in where I didn’t have to taste it. Then I ran out and didn’t buy more.

iodized sea salt
But today I saw this at the grocery store. It’s iodized sea salt. It may not taste like pink Himalayan or gray Celtic salt, but it does the trick on fried zucchini, as I learned today in my stress-induced binge junkfood eating. Not perfect, but better.

Yes, I could have done a better job ironing them. They’ll still work fine.

Oh, and I made these yesterday. I’m seriously trying to get off the paper train, so I made these napkins and some handkerchiefs. We have other napkins, but I always found that we’d run out before it was time to do laundry, then hello, paper. And I didn’t want to buy more, because for a square of fabric, they’re pretty dern pricey. I found this fabric on sale, and for the less than the cost of two napkins I have four.

If you’ve never done this, it’s easy but time-consuming, since you need to double-fold and iron the sides in before sewing.

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