oh, peta, you’ve done it again

Photo taken from Huffington Post because I can’t get one from PETA.

I’ve taken issue with PETA before, for their use of sexuality, and I suppose this is along the same lines—just meaner. Way meaner. Does anyone who’s made a donation to PETA want their money used for this?

I hadn’t seen the billboard, but through FoodFight! I followed a link to Vegan Hope’s post. She’s a fairly new, obese vegan and has put together a list of her problems with this latest campaign. Since then she’s also done a follow-up post to answer questions she’s received. Of all the articles that have popped up online regarding the billboard, hers stands out as an honest, personal, carefully written piece. Please check it out.

UPDATE: The billboards have been removed, and Ingrid Newkirk has blogged in response to the controversy. She says the billboard was “fueled by a healthy respect for all the animals who are raised cruelly and killed in painful ways as well as for our own species’s potential to be kind and healthy.” Basically saying “Hey, fatty, put down that burger!” probably isn’t going to convince anyone to treat animals ethically. It draws backlash, even from its own choir. PETA just seems to have more missteps than steps lately.

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