kind nugs and mercperks

hammy's kind nugs

As if I don’t get enough hits from people searching “nugs” (the title of my breaded seitan post), here we go with Hammy’s Vegan Kind Nugs.

They’re baked breaded seitan pieces, served with a rather smokey barbecue sauce. How are they? Well, there are two situations in which they’d be awesome: after the witching hour, when Hammy’s will still deliver while everyone else has gone to bed, and when they’re made super cheap through MercPerks vouchers. Otherwise, this six for $7 snack is a letdown. They’re pretty thin pieces, and not really hot by the time you get to eat them. Points to Hammy’s for offering them at all, and let’s hope they’re working on improvements.

Oh, you noticed I breezed right through that MercPerks thing? I might be the last gal in Portland to know about it (thanks, Kevin!), but on the Mercury website, you can buy gift certificates for half off. Not just for restaurants like Mash Tun, Vita Cafe, and Hammy’s, but also to tattoo parlors, spas, and boutiques. Ca-razy. I’ve managed to get my mitts on the Hammy’s one a couple of times now, but the Vita offer eludes me still. Best part? You can Paypal it and the voucher arrives in the mail in two days. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take 50% off over a puncture wound any ol’ day of the week.

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