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This is it for Vegtastic Voyage. No, I’m not quitting; I’m saying what you see here is all of Vegtastic Voyage. I’m not on Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. Well, I am, but Vegtastic isn’t. I only have a Facebook account so I can rip on my friends, and Tom and I share a Twitter account that we don’t update just so we can keep track of those who do update. As frustrating and pathetic as these sites can be, some companies actually use them in a very helpful way, like for coupon codes, new items, and other specials.

So here’s a list—at least the beginning of a list—of who’s on Facebook and Twitter. Two things: I’ve not included individual bloggers, only companies, interest groups, and big-name authors/personalities; and please let me know what I missed and I’ll add them to the list. (Also, as per usual, I receive no kickbacks for this. Just sharin’ information.)


Alternative Outfitters • Facebook
Alternative Outfitters • Twitter

Chicago Diner • Facebook
Chicago Diner • Twitter

Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe • Facebook
Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe • Twitter

Farm Animal Rights • Twitter

Farm Sanctuary • Facebook              
Farm Sanctuary • Twitter

Food Fight! Grocery • Facebook
Food Fight! Grocery • Twitter

Global Vegan Network • Facebook

Herbivore Clothing Company • Facebook

Let Live Foundation • Facebook

Post Punk Kitchen • Facebook
Isa Chandra Moscowitz • Twitter

Sarah Kramer • Twitter

Sweetpea Baking Company • Facebook
Sweetpea Baking Company • Twitter

Vegan Outreach • Facebook
Vegan Outreach • Twitter

The Vegan Society • Facebook

Veggie Thing • Facebook    
Veggie Thing • Twitter

VegNews Magazine • Facebook
VegNews Magazine • Twitter

VegWeb • Facebook

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