birthday tacos

Well, it happened again. I had to update my “relevant background” page to reflect my new age. I am now three dozen years old. The kitten has it much easier, at a paltry 13. But that means she’s a teenager, so as tough as the preteen years were, I guess she’ll be getting into a bunch more trouble.

We considered going out somewhere, but I decided to stay home for yummy food and board games, making the best dern tempeh tacos I could. Here’s what I ended up with:

fresh tortilla taco

Fresh organic corn tortillas (to heat them up, I use a small frying pan and lid, sliding the tortillas in one at a time, newest on the bottom), avocado, cilantro, made-that-afternoon salsa/pico, and straight-from-a-ton-of-spice-jars spicy tempeh. I haven’t measured out the spices I’m using in my tacos (I will, I promise), but here’s the list of ’em:

•paprika (lots, for color as well as flavor)
•onion powder
•dried cilantro
•ground corriander
•red pepper flakes
•dried jalepenos

As I’ve covered before, I just pour a bit of water in with the spices and tempeh to get that flavor soaked up rather than just burned off.

heirloom salsa

And for the pico (my brother yells at me for calling it salsa), I used serrano, jalepeno, and anaheim peppers, lemon juice (oops, forgot to get limes), red onion, cilantro, and heirloom cherry tomatoes. The varied colors, firmnesses (?), and tastes of the tomatoes make it just that much better. I hate overly processed, mushed-up salsas so I’m willing to spend an hour or two chopping vegetables—with rubber gloves! If you’ve ever worked with peppers before, you know the heat stays embedded in your fingertips until at least the next time you need to take out your contacts or visit the little girls’/boys’ room. Ouch.

And no birthday cupcakes this time around…I, um, gave in to weakness this Sunday and picked up a dozen Voodoo Doughnuts. They’re gone now. Yeah. Well, Tom’s birthday is next month and I’m eyeing a few new recipes.

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