big easy bread

big bread

 So I saw this story about bread and figured I like bread so why not read it. Then bonus, a recipe for big, easy bread. Slacker bread, she calls it, with very few ingredients and no kneading. Having steadily used and abused my bread machine since inheriting it from Tom’s mom, kneading hasn’t really been an issue for me, but I had to try such a simple recipe.

Eh, it’s bread. The consistency was just fine, very dense, just begging to be slathered with Earth Balance or dunked in marinara. But there wasn’t much to do for my best buds, the tastebuds. (I’m hating myself for typing those words but so far I’m leaving them in because I should face due punishment for even allowing such lame phrasing to enter my mind, let alone reach the keyboard.)

Anyway, give it a try if you like. Or just read through the comments on the story to get some other opinions. I will say that I will never stick a big loaf of bread in the oven without a little dish of water again–it really gave the crust a great texture. Personally, I’m sticking with this recipe from Vegweb. It’s pretty darn easy too (also no kneading), and I think it tastes so much better.

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