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rocket pops

Rocket pops!

I don’t think I’ll do so many different flavors at once again—the blending and clean-up between batches wouldn’t normally be worth it—but this was a special maiden voyage experiment. And they were all awesome.

From left to right they are:
• Black raspberry juice and frozen red raspberries
• Orange juice, agave nectar, and pineapple chunks
• Coconut Bliss (naked coconut), a wee bit of soymilk, and pineapple chunks
• Strawberry soy yogurt, a wee bit of Silk vanilla creamer, and frozen strawberries
• Coconut Bliss (naked coconut), a wee bit of soymilk, and a ton of cocoa powder

(The set comes with 6 little space-shuttle molds. We made a pair of raspberry ones at Co-pilot Tom’s request. He was doing most of the clean-up so what could I say?) 

I was worried about the consistency being too much like ice cubes, but the sugar content and the fact that everything was pretty cold already and went into the freezer superquick I think helped a lot. The crystal formation seemed much like the popsicles I remember. And the Coconut Bliss ones? So smooth and creamy.

And the molds themselves? I got these from Amazon. There’s a base that the individual molds fit into, so you can grab one without risking the thawing of any others. It takes a bit of warming up with your hands to get it to pop out, but if you’re impatient you could always run a little water over it.  The blue handles are also the sticks (with holes in them to better anchor your pop) and act as drip guards, which is superduper, but they also make eating the last little nubbin pretty tough if you’ve any modesty. For the more buttoned-up homemade-popsicle eater, there are simpler, more narrow molds that probably don’t require as much tongue action. 

So freezy treats you can trust and customize and have fun with? Yeah, not a bad $9 investment.

Happy summer.

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