los gorditos II

gorditos truck

Not the prettiest truck and not the prettiest location, here in the SE industrial neighborhood, at 8th and Ankeny, you’ll find this all-vegan Mexican wonderland. Follow Your Heart cheese, Tofutti sour cream, Soy Curls, and Soyrizo, plus tofu come together to create authentic taqueria favorites. And at these prices, you don’t have to feel guilty for forgetting to pack a lunch.

That sounded like copywriting, didn’t it? Sorry. Just have a lot of information and was really impressed with the place. Plus, I just wrote my blurb for VeggieThing. Anyway, on to the photos!

gorditos nachos
Tom got the Soyrizo Nachos. He’d never had Soyrizo before, but he liked it. It just tasted spicy and felt like meaty taco fillin’ meat. As you can see, compared to his beefy arm holding the plate, this is huge. He failed to finish it. Also, it was tough to hold in his lap…probably would have been better to get it boxed to go.

gorditos tacos
I got a couple of tacos…for $3.25 total. The one on the left is an onion taco, and it’s just grilled onion (a ton), cilantro (a ton), and lime. So simple and so good—and so hefty. I used the second tortilla to create a second taco, not just for support or as a little extender or whatever you’re supposed to do with it. The one on the right is a regular taco with Soy Curls. Again, so good and so hefty. I had to grab a fork to finish whatever wouldn’t fit in the tortillas. What you don’t see under the mountain of Soy Curls, lettuce, tomato, and avocado is a thin layer of pintos and rice.

Here’s a quick shot of the menu. I know it’s not the best, but it does the job.

gorditos menu

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