it’s still tomorrow, right?

I promised you pictures of food, so here you go.

kevins cake
A friend just moved into my building—and by random chance out of 120 units—next door. I could knock on this here wall and annoy the bejeesus out of him. To celebrate his arrival and for extra energy while we were hauling up all his crap, I made tasty treats. This is the VCTOTW chocolate cupcake recipe in a 9×7 pan, frosted with plenty of peanut buttercream. To make the icing I just mixed up some cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and soy creamer. No idea how much of each I used; just added bits of each until I got the right consistency.

I also halved the VWAV carrot-ginger-coconut-and-whatever-else cake to make a dozen cupcakes. I used this fakey cream cheese frosting recipe I got somewhere years ago. If it’s yours or you know where it’s from, lemme know. I don’t think I made it up, because there’s no way I would measure out 6 T coconut. I just pour a bunch in. (Use a hand mixer for everything else then stir in the coconut.)

•1 c Tofutti cream cheese
•¼ c Earth Balance
•2 c powdered sugar
•1 t vanilla
•6 T shredded coconut

berry pineapple coconut smoothie

And here’s a blendy fruity drink. I had a handful of past-their-prime strawberries, some blueberries, pineapple juice, and the liquidy portion of a can of coconut milk (whipped up the thick white part when the berries were still in their prime). So into the blender they went with a handful of ice. I wish my rocket pop ice molds had arrived earlier, because this would have been awesome in rocket pop form. Sometime this week I hope to come up with some good rocket pop photos for you. I’m rocket pop excited for rocket pop experiments.

Rocket pop.

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