what a tease

cheese puff tree

A cheese puff tree? Saw this on a bike ride and had to record its existence. Half-inch cheese-puffy balls all over this thing. Yay.

Just goes to show that just because it looks like cheese, there’s no guarantee it’s going to taste like cheese. Enter Teese cheddar. As a Chicago-born lass, I want nothing more than for the cats and kittens over at Chicago Soydairy to kick some global vegan cheese ass, but my expereinces have not been stellar.

I covered the mozzarella here, and while it works I still tend to use Follow Your Heart because I get it to melt just fine (even browning a little) and it’s less fatty.

So what was my problem with the cheddar? Let me tell you what we used it for: mac ‘n’ cheese. Simplest, most forgiving, and cheapest thing to throw out if it totally sucked. We didn’t do a whole baking with breadcrumbs and whatnot, just melted the Teese in a pot and added elbows to it. It melted, as advertised, but just from the smell I knew Tom would be the lone test pilot in this mission. Never a fan of cheese, that acidic waft was enough for me. Tom’s take on the taste? Needn’t have bothered. He described a chemical taste, an instant turn-off. He finished it, but that’s probably it for the great experiment. We still have half a package left, and I’d had plans for quesadillas, but I think we’re done.

A bad batch? Perhaps, but at the price I’m not willing to try again.

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