bike riverfront

Meant to post this over the weekend, but I didn’t because <enter lame excuse here>. Saturday morning, we went on another 4-quadrant Portland bike ride, beginning early enough to grab breakfast muffins at Sweetpea and get ourselves a bench by the river. (We were a little farther south than I wanted to be but there was a heart walk going on.) If you’re not familiar with Portland, that’s one of our gazillion bridges, which are super fun to ride your bike across (when there’s not a heart walk going on).

After playing around on the west side, we headed east to the Hollywood farmers market. We’d not been to it before so I wanted to see how different it was from the one in SW. Pretty small, and still mostly greens and spring onions, but we did stumble upon a new booth: Quality Vegan, parent company of everydaycake.


They had all their flavors and offered two sizes, one of which was a 75-cent minicake. So smart. We picked up a chocolate hazelnut and a pumpkin velvet. Nut-allergy Tom can’t attest to the yumminess of the chocolate one, but we both dug the pumpkin. They’re very dense and rich—I don’t know that I’d finish the fullsize in one sitting. And as for no frosting? It works, as I see these as teacakes, like a zucchini bread. Not super desserty, you know?

I’ve seen the packaged cakes in Whole Foods, and there are a ton of other Portland-area stores listed on the website. They use organic ingredients and they’re local. And they had ingredient labels for each flavor at the market—that’s always good for extra points in my book. It’s a little pricey, but you’re definitely paying for quality in these lovelies.

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