5-minute dessert



Thanks, summer. Oh, wait, it’s still spring. But it was sunny and gorgeous and a little hot, and after finding out that Vita Cafe has yet to open their fancy new location (right across the street from the old one…due to open May 20), Tom and I found ourselves at New Seasons looking to pick up some quick, no-oven dinner. We did, and we came away with this summertime dessert too.

It’s Amy’s Kitchen orange cake, which you can pick up in the freezer section, just like that Sara Lee stuff but organic and vegan! And the whipped cream is the thick half of a well-chilled, separated can of coconut milk (pierce the bottom of the can so the more liquidy stuff drains into another container, then open the top and spoon this out). I whipped it up real quicklike with just a little powdered sugar and that was that. If you search “whipped coconut cream,” you’ll find a bunch of recipes and techniques, but unless you’re looking for a super-stiff, overly flavored whipped dairy cream substitute, this is the way to go. Clean-tasting and so easy. And it bridges the gap between the orange cake and the berries perfectly.

Whether you’re vegan or omni, I don’t care, try this now.

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