baby steps in belgium

Ghent, Belgium, home of around 230,000 people, is set to become the first city to have a veg day once a week. They’re starting with city employees, who are now being offered a Thursday veg menu (meat will still be available if they ask for it). And starting in September, schoolchildren will also have veg Thursdays.

Mainly for environmental reasons, the city is also promoting a healthier lifestyle and trying to fight world hunger, pointing out how much more land and water and such it takes to produce meat than grain.

Not impressed? It’s not vegan day, I know, but here are some of the positives:
• Goodie bags including veggie street maps (they’re printing 90K) will be handed out to participants.
• Restaurants are getting help from the city to expand their vegetarian menus, and these options are likely to stick around…and maybe people will ask for them on days other than Thursday.
• Kids! Maybe laying the groundwork for some good habits?
• It’s not “free chicken” day. (Oprah needs a vegan refresher course.)

And wouldn’t ya know it, while searching for more information, I stumbled upon a new (to me) vegan blogger who was just there. Here’s her Ghent post.

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