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Close your eyes and picture this. Wait, if you close your eyes you can’t read about what you’re supposed to be picturing in your closed-eye mind. Picture this as well as you can with your eyes still open: You’re getting hungry and either you don’t know the city you’re in all that well or you’re just not coming up with any good ideas. You try Citysearch or Yahoo Local or you ask your coworkers who still don’t understand that casein-laden soy cheese isn’t vegan. Any-ol’-way, that’s you eating another bagel and peanut butter while just a couple of blocks away sits super-fresh vegan slices. (Shaking fist at sky because you’ve no other direction to shake it…than at yourself!)

So here’s a new option. Veggie Thing taps vegan bloggers from around the country to showcase their favorite dishes. They’re calling us “dictators,” but just between you and me, you can eat what you want without fear of the firing squad. I’m just sharing photos and quickie reviews of stuff Tom and I eat around town. And much like this blog, I’m not getting kickbacks or anything. Total honesty here.

You can submit photos and reviews of your favorites too. So check it out.

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