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We’ve now had two days in the 80s here in Portland—in a row—and I’m loving it because, unlike L.A., I know it’ll go back to the 60s and 70s for a while. Because it’s spring and we respect all four seasons ’round these parts. I always joke about the “pasty white pride day parade” on nice days—all the bluish-hued Northwesterners come out sleeveless (or bikini’d on blankets in parks), reflecting the sunlight so it blinds you if you’re not careful. I say this as a pasty white girl myself. A pasty white girl who knows to hide her shame.

Spring also means bike ridin’. (Bike ridin’ goes on all year round with the locals, but I’m still new so I’m a fair-weather biker.) Last night Tom and I took the 3.1-mile ride up to the Laughing Planet on NE Mississippi for a hearty, cheapish meal. We’d been to the ones in NW and SE but figured we should check this one out.

Well, we needn’t have bothered. SE Belmont has us covered. The Mississippi location felt like we were at a mall. The outdoor seating could just as easily been a Starbucks, and it was apparently bring-your-screaming-brats-out-for-burritos day. Also, there was one counterperson, one person to run the food out to everyone, and I think one cook. At one point while we were waiting for our food, the line was a dozen deep. Oh, and they didn’t have salsa out by the condiments. Boo.


But yes, the food was good. Mine is the Grilled Veggies burrito, minus the cheese. You can sub rice cheese for a couple bucks, or add vegan sour cream and guacamole, or organic tofu or tempeh. These add up fast and I have never finished a burrito there as it is, so I don’t bother.


Tom’s is the Holy Mole, minus the cheese, with tempeh sub’d for the the standard chicken and quacamole added. He finished his.

Whichever one you live by or ride/walk/drive by, it’s a reliable choice. The menu has little Vs on the vegan items, and many of their ingredients are organic. And you can play with toy dinosaurs while you wait for your food.

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