Chickalike nugs and pilaf—I can’t help but picture this meal coming out of boxes. But it didn’t! These were made from scratch and it was too easy not to.

The pilaf is super simple:
•1 c white rice
•½ c orzo
•2-3 T oil/Earth Balance
•2 c water w/bullion or 2 c broth
•handful of dried herbs and spices

Just slightly brown the orzo in oil, then add the rest, cover, and simmer as you would rice for about 20 minutes or so. Yeah, told ya it was easy.

The nugs are VeganDad’s Vegan Boneless Chickenless Wings, sans sticks and hot sauce, and gul-dernit if they weren’t good and easy. What makes them easier is that I made a double batch and just underbaked half of them so I could throw them in the freezer for later. Doubling isn’t all that much extra work, especially when you have an assembly line helper. This huge batch (4 meals) of gluteny goodness probably came in around $5. How far would that get you in the freezer section?


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