Tom and I are working toward our Cruciferous (leafy greens—has nothing to do with Jesus) badge…slowly. We tried our first kale almost a year ago, and I’ve used it as a side, in pasta, and on pizza. Love it. Every time I eat it, I say, “Take that, cancer!”

The price is starting to come down on greens right now—and it’s getting to be farmers market time—so I thought I’d add another green to the arsenal. Red chard was the winner, and for its debut, I threw it in this red-is-the-new-green pasta dish. It’s red kale, red chard, parsley, red onion, garlic, lemon juice, red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, and a little bit o’ bread crumbs. I hadn’t initially planned on the sun-dried tomatoes, but I’d overdone it with the lemon juice and needed some sweet to balance the flavor. Totally worked. A super-satisfying meal in 15 minutes (if you’ve got 4 arms).

Well, we still have a bit to go before we can rightfully claim our badge, but The Leafy Greens Council will be there to help guide us.

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