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Just an excuse to post a picture of Mädchen using my wrist-rest as a pillow. (If I don’t offer a pillow she ends up falling asleep on the Tab or Caps Lock key.)

Actually, there’s a pretty big fight going on over at Huffington Post, over a story on whether it’s safe to feed dogs and cats a vegan diet. No surprise that a lot of the comments are off-topic, just ripping on veganism in general, but some of it’s pretty funny, especially when someone comes in with a bit of research and stops the thread cold.

We all know it’s pretty simple to raise healthy dogs on a vegan diet, but cats are a lot tougher, what with their short-ass digestive tract. I know people manage to keep vegan cats and there are carefully formulated vegan cat foods out there, but I just can’t do it—if that strips me of the “vegan” label in your book, so be it. I’d be super neurotic about it, testing her urine pH weekly, and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I caused her any sort of malady. Plus she’s got those teeth—them’s flesh-tearin’ teeth. Watching her hunt down the tiniest of flies is amazing. She gets so focused…as if she’d starve without it.

I feed her Evolution vegan kibble to keep her teeth clean and moist organic poultry and fish (I did give her Evolution moist food to try but she wouldn’t go near it). And I’m seriously considering adding some raw poultry to the equation. I’ve seen it frozen in little serving sizes, so you just thaw it and make sure any uneaten portion is not left out—it’s expensive, but it’s cheaper than raising a kid. 

Maybe if I were vegan 13 years ago I would have gotten a guinea pig or some other herbivore (are there many guinea pigs in shelters?), but Mädchen’s been my pal for a long time and I hope she’ll be around for a long time.

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