happy equinox

Having just come back from Chicago, where they’re still in recovery from winter, Tom had to photograph his way home from work yesterday. This is Portland in spring:

How can this be the saddest/most depressed/whatever-that-poll-said-we-were city in the country?

In a couple of weeks we’ve got a friend (with his new ladyfriend) coming in for a visit, and he mentioned looking forward to vegan cupcakes. Last time he was here I Kahlua’d up some chocolate VCTOTW beauties, taking a cue from Destiny’s Vegan Kitchen. This time I’m going peanutty. I tried a sample batch of the VCTOTW peanut buttercream frosting/filling…it’s “Are you kidding me?!” good, super light and fluffy and not too sweet. I used Earth Balance in the tub for the margarine, Earth Balance sticks for the shortening, and Silk vanilla creamer for the milk/cream, and I went for the optional molasses. This recipe’s a keeper—I can see using it in non-cupcake situations, like a layered bar or in a light and dainty peanut butter cup. No photos, but there will be when I make the cupcakes, which will definitely be chocolate, maybe with some ganache drizzled over the top for a little extra zazz. ‘Cause I’m all about zazz.

Another bit of food I failed to photograph was today’s failed lunch: leftover bulgar stir-fried with shredded zucchini and onion. The flavor was there, but the consistency was so gross. I used really high heat to prevent the zucchini from bleeding its vital fluids, but it was still nothing more than veggie oatmeal. Strikes and gutters, man, strikes and gutters.

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