happy birthday


Yeah, um, I didn’t have a candle, so I made one out of an old chopstick.

Not only is it my sister-in-law’s birthday today (Happy birthday, Brenda), but it is also the first birthday or anniversary or whatever for Vegtastic Voyage. I don’t know anything about the specific day I went vegan—I’m pretty sure it was finalized while I was in Long Beach, which was a couple of cities ago—but I started this blog just two and a half weeks after moving to Portland.

And it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Ugh, whenever I see or hear “St. Patrick’s Day,” I can’t help but smell corned beef and overcooked cabbage. Even when I ate meat as a kid I hated corned beef and the way it made the house smell for days. I’m not even Irish (there’s a bit from a NW European/colonial mutt grandfather), so I don’t know why my parents had to have corned beef and cabbage year after smelly year.

Enough of that. Back to happy, yummy things. The muffin is an apple (I think bran) treat from Sweetpea. I picked up muffins yesterday because Tom was getting home from Chicago at midnight and I knew he wouldn’t be up for so much as a bowl of cereal this morning. And he probably didn’t eat much over the weekend; you know, when you’re away from home and in mourning and whatnot, food really isn’t that much of a draw. But Sweetpea muffins are always there for you. I don’t think I’ve had a disappointing one yet. Never too sweet. Never too dense. Thanks, Sweetpea. And welcome home, Tom. And happy birthday, Vegtastic Voyage.

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