tastes like chicken…i think

I realized the other day that I don’t really remember what chicken tastes or even smells like. Sometimes I’ll be eating a chick-alike and be blown away by how like chicken it tastes. Or using chick-alike bullion in broth, I’ll think it smells like chicken. Then I walk down the hall in my apartment building and get hit in the face with the waft of real chicken. And it kinda grosses me out.

I never crave chicken, so I’m never looking for that perfect substitute. When I buy fake meats for convenience, I’m drawn to the chicken ones because they’re the least meaty—I have never tried burger crumbles, ham-alikes, or fakey seafood. 

In my last Vegan Essentials order, I got the Butler Soy Curls and Chick-Style Seasoning, but it took me a few weeks to work up the courage to try them.

Here’s a handful of the Soy Curls right out of the bag.

And here they are after soaking in warm water for 10 minutes. At this point I was still super skeptical.

After 10 minutes in the seasoning* and just a little bit of olive oil. Still kinda rubbery. I decided to use as much onion and garlic and crushed red pepper as possible in a bunch of pasta so the soy curls could disappear if they were creepy.

*Open this for the first time over the sink or something—my container had a seal around the opening and made a bit of a mess when I removed it. That’s the kind of thing they don’t teach you in school.

Not so bad. After some more cooking they firmed up quite a bit. I could definitely handle eating this again. It would probably work great in a stir-fry or tacos/fajitas. And not only are they shelf-stable, but they’re way cheaper than the fake meats in the fridge section.

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