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I just found out, via Get Sconed!, that Voodoo has expanded its vegan line to include yeasty, risey doughnuts. So guess where I got breakfast today. I went for the dozen, which has its pros and cons: It was only $8.50, the same price as the omni dozen (as opposed to double or thereabouts, like the single doughnuts) • UPDATE: There’s a sign in there now that says vegan dozens are $10.50 • but it’s staff-pick, so you can end up with something like this:


Now, I’m never going to eat cereal or candy or cookies on top of my doughnut. I may pick off the cereal or candy or cookies and eat them first, followed by the doughnut, but sprinkles are hard enough for me to stomach—it’s just too much straight, simple, white-sugar sweet. And I think I just don’t care for the white icing Voodoo uses. It’s supersweet and thick.

So which ones have I tried this morning? The sprinkly one at the top was breakfast, and with the weight of the icing and sprinkles, it was a little rough. Very heavy and chewy. Then for second breakfast I had the maple-iced long john. Better. Much better. It was lighter and fluffier, and the icing wasn’t as sweet.

I still prefer Sweetpea, but if it’s not Saturday and I want a doughnut (which, after polishing off this dozen, probably won’t happen for a while), it’s awesome that Voodoo is there for me. And the very fact that they’ve chosen to expand the vegan line points to a growing demand. Nobody wants to invest an extra dollar these days unless they are guaranteed a return, so either the Portland vegan plague is spreading or omni folks are looking for more cholesterol-free treats. Either way, it’s win-win-win.

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