“Schlag creme” is what the German Soyatoo is called. “Schlag,” according to the Babelfish translator, means “impact.” Do with that information as you see fit. By going on the German version of the website, I did learn that the Germans have way more products than we get. They get a rice whipped cream, cheeses (I think—one’s called Soyabel Supreme Baked), cooking cream, and coffee creamer. I bet its engineering is far superior than any coffee creamer we’ve got over in these parts.

I dig the Soyatoo stuff we get over here in the states. The stuff in the box is what you see on this here cupcake (again, if you don’t have Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, then get thee to a bookstore)—whipped for about three minutes, nothing added, just sprinkled with a little cocoa and cinnamon. I’ve also used the stuff in the box before, mixed with a ton of cocoa, as a layer for a chocolate cream pie .

Then there’s the can. It’s nitrous oxidy so it works as well as any other insti-whip. What I think strikes me most about these is the lower fat content, which makes for a cleaner mouthfeel. (I just said “mouthfeel.”) You don’t need a cup of coffee or a tooth-brushin’ after eating this. It just tastes like it’s better for you without being too healthy, because who wants that in a dessert? It’s a dessert. You have to love a dessert for its dessertness or…or…I don’t know, the terrorists win?

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