So today is Saturday (Sunday, probably, by the time I post this) and I don’t know if I’m going to work on Monday. I’ve almost quit a handful of times—like walk-out-with-zero-notice quit—in the past two weeks. So tonight it’s booze smoothie night.


Yeah, it looks like baby food, but it tastes like forgettiness. Icy, citrus-y forgettiness. This is blended-up frozen pineapple and mandarin orange (which I’ve had in the freezer for months), orange juice, and some booze: a couple o’ shots of vodka and tequila.

I’m not proud of myself for using alcohol to bring down my blood pressure, but it gives me taste delicious. And right now I need taste delicious.


Speaking of altered states, watch this video. Ths might be one of those videos where I’m the last person on the planet to see it and you’re all, like, “That’s so Czechoslovakia,” or maybe you’re not because you haven’t paid attention to the news since 1992. I found it on Rob Huebel’s website (yes, I know it’s properly spelled Web site but this is my show)—it’s a kid after getting some sort of sedative for oral surgery. He knows something’s just not right and is just trying to deal. Note to kid in video: We’ve all been there.

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